We help independent artists produce, promote, and publish their music. Silver Street partners with artists who have the raw ingredients for success - excellent songs, great band, killer live show, a history of hustle, and the commitment and dedication necessary to win in the music business. Silver Street, through expertise and capital investment, help our artist partners 1) develop a strong brand and marketing platform 2) distribute and promote their music 3) publish their music for licensing opportunities 4) achieve next level success in terms of major label deals, management deals, booking deals, publishing deals, and industry opportunities. 


As Founder and Executive Producer of Silver Street, Charles Hull brings a life-time of brand marketing and business management expertise to Silver Street. As the co-founder and former Managing Director of Archrival, a leading national creative agency with a client list that includes Red Bull, Adidas, Oakley, Pabst Brewing Co. and many others, Charles is well versed in developing, marketing, and managing creative brands and products. Also an avid musician and songwriter, Charles enjoys helping talented artists be successful in their careers.




As Silver Street’s Lead Producer and Engineer, James Fleege works directly with Silver Street artists in bringing their musical ideas to fruition. A former attendee of Berklee College of Music, Fleege is a multi-instrumentalist who brings a musician’s touch to all of his studio projects, seamlessly bridging the gap between engineering and musicianship. An advocate of serving the song as needed, James strives to keep his studio environment upbeat and productive while maximizing the creativity of everyone involved. Fleege is endorsed by Reverend Guitars and Epifani Amps, is well versed in Vonnegut literature, and is a fan of all things NBA, especially the Milwaukee Bucks who are irrefutably a top 3 team in the eastern conference. View his stat sheet here. 


Silver Street works with an extended network of producers, engineers, studios, session musicians, agencies, publicists, radio promoters, video producers, screen printers, record manufacturers, and more to help our artists be successful. Below is a partial list of partners.

Archrival, Lincoln (Creative agency)
Cartoon Moon, Nashville (Recording studio)
Welcome To 1979, Nashville (Recording studio)
Focus Mastering, Omaha (Mastering studio)
Gotta Groove Records, Cincinnati (Vinyl Manufacturer)
Presshouse, Nashville (Publicist)
Pete Knapp & Co., Atlanta (Radio promoter)
World Song Network (Licensing)
Joker's Pack Productions, London (Video Production Co.)
Dale Heise, Omaha (Photographer)
Screen Ink, Lincoln (Screen Printer)